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Latest products

Far Infrared (FIR) HotHouse Dome

Far Infrared HotHouse Dome If you don't receive enough far infrared ray (FIR) from sunlight, y..

RM 4,400.00 Ex Tax: RM 4,400.00

Far Infrared (FIR) Mattress

Activate your infrared cleansing mechanism while you sleep. Far-infrared light penetrates beyon..

RM 850.00 Ex Tax: RM 850.00

Aroma Diffuser

Aroma Diffuser uses to dispersing essential oil into the atmosphere, so that aroma of the essential ..

RM 220.00 Ex Tax: RM 220.00

Featured Products

Emile Noel Avocado Oil (250ml)

This greenish oil with its full bodied aroma is first cold pressed from specially selected organic a..

RM 70.00 RM 73.14 Ex Tax: RM 70.00

Emile Noel Pumpkin Seed Oil (250ml)

This deeply aromatic oil is first cold pressed from specially selected organic pumpkin seeds. Rich i..

RM 73.14 Ex Tax: RM 73.14

Beauty Products

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Anti-Aging Cream (Men)

RM 190.80 Ex Tax: RM 190.80
This light, non-oily anti-aging cream is a genuine care for tired skin. It preserves your skin’s youth capital over the long term.Besides the well-known rejuvenating action of Organic Cedar essential ... Read more >>

Anti-Aging Face Serum

RM 210.94 Ex Tax: RM 210.94
This serum provides a targeted solution against signs of aging :- it reduces pigmentation marks thanks to its liquorice extract- and efficiently fights against the loss of firmnessIt is also enriche... Read more >>

Anti-Aging Lifting Face Mask

RM 157.94 Ex Tax: RM 157.94
The Lys Perfection Anti-Aging Lifting Face Mask visibly reduces signs of aging. It has an instant lifting effect because it is rich in fern extract, a genuine natural firming agent, and it also s... Read more >>

Anti-Aging Throat & Décolleté Remodeling Balm

RM 210.94 Ex Tax: RM 210.94
The Lys Perfection Anti-Aging Throat & Décolleté Remodeling Balm has a soft, comfortable texture. It helps to correct the effects of time.Rosehip oil with rejuvenating virtues and liquorice extrac... Read more >>

Cleansing Face Gel (Men)

RM 116.60 Ex Tax: RM 116.60
 This Cleansing Face Gel with Organic Essential Oils and Organic Argan Oil cleanses your skin thoroughly every day and prepares it for shaving. Its ultra-mild washing base enriched with moisturiz... Read more >>

Eye Contour Care (Men)

RM 157.94 Ex Tax: RM 157.94
Specially formulated to reduce signs of ti-whiteness from the eye contour in an instant, this complete roll-on skin care reduces the lines caused by dehydration and softens the skin.&nb... Read more >>

Eye Reviving Gel Cream

RM 148.40 Ex Tax: RM 148.40
The Florame Eye Reviving Gel-Cream brightens up your eyes. Specially formulated for the fragile eye contour area, it effectively fights against dehydration wrinkles and signs of tiredness. It com... Read more >>

Face and Eye Makeup Remover Milk

RM 169.60 Ex Tax: RM 169.60
The Face and Eye Make-up Remover Milk with its creamy texture restores your skin’s natural glow. Enhanced by moisturizing organic Aloe Vera, it gently removes face and eye mak... Read more >>

Face Cleansing Oil

RM 159.00 Ex Tax: RM 159.00
The light, non-oily Florame Face Cleansing Oil removes impurities and traces of make-up from your skin without drying it out. It contains an extract of invigorating astringent Rosemary that stimu... Read more >>

Face Tonic Lotion

RM 127.20 Ex Tax: RM 127.20
The Florame Face Tonic Lotion completes your face cleansing and refreshes the skin at any time of the day. Enhanced by moisturizing organic Aloe Vera, it tones all skin types, even the most delic... Read more >>

Facial Scrub (Men)

RM 169.60 Ex Tax: RM 169.60
This Moisturizing Complexion Care with organic essential oils is a genuine boost for tired, stressed skin. Enhanced by Organic Argan vegetable oil, Organic Aloe Vera and Organic Carrot Macerated ... Read more >>

Mild Face Scrub Gel

RM 137.80 Ex Tax: RM 137.80
The Florame Mild Face Scrub Gel gently removes dead skin cells thanks to its fine apricot grains. It turns into a soothing lotion on contact with water.Organic Apricot Kernel oil full of vitamin ... Read more >>