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Bio-resonance therapy

What is Bio-resonance therapy?

Bioresonance and the Mora device were created by Dr. F. Morrell in Germany in the 1970s. Bioresonance is a method used to diagnose disease or medical conditions based on electromagnetic waves. It uses an instrument called the Mora device that is believed to receive and measure electromagnetic waves that are emitted from a person's body. The device identifies “abnormal” waves, which are associated with disease, and then “normalizes” the waves. The normalized waves are then sent back to the person to treat the condition.

Benefits of Bio-resonance Therapy

  • Cost effective
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • Natural and painless and it does not require users to take any type of drug.

Who may need it?

  • Acne, Burns, Cellulitis, Eczema, Facial Wrinkles
  • Allergies
  • Angina, Arrhythmia, Heart Disease, Ischemia
  • Atherosclerosis, Varicose Veins
  • Cervical Erosion, Menstrual Cycle Functional Disorders
  • Cystitis, Enuresis, Urethritis
  • Epilepsy
  • Fungal Nail Plates, Joints, Osteochomdrosis, Sciatica
  • Hypertension, Non-invasive effects on Blood
  • Insomina/Sleep Disturbance
  • Migraine

  • Colitis, Constipation, Duodenal Ulcer, Gallbladder Diseases, Gastritis, Gastroenterology, Haemorrhoids, Liver Disease, Hepatitis, Fatty Liver, Cirrhosis of the Liver, Pancreatitis, Prostate, Stomach Ulcer
  • Asthma, Hearing Loss, Otosclerosis, Periodontal Disease, Pneumonia, Pharyngitis, Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Tinnitus
  • Muscular Pain
  • Tumours and etc.

****** Pacemaker, seizure patient are prohibited from doing this therapy.

Any side effects?

Bio-resonance therapy has no side effects apart from symptoms of “healing crisis”.

What are the things should be avoided before the Therapy?

Alcohol, Coffee and Tea intake are not allowed prior to the therapy session. Patients are expected to fast for at least 2 hours before the therapy.


Why Dr. Lim ?

  • Homeopathy Practitioner (Malaysia Homeopathic Medical Council HOM) 马来西亚注册顺势疗法医师
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Pharmaceutical Science (Pharmacist)
  • University Of Strathclyde Scotland UK 英国苏格兰Strathclyde大学药剂系荣誉学士
  • Member of American Naturopathy Medical Association ANMA 美国自然疗法公会会员
  • Participant in Bengal Allen Medical Institute Post Graduate Program (fellow student of Dr Subrata Banerjea & Dr Saptarshi Banerjea)
  • ITEC Diploma in Diet & Nutrition UK 英国ITEC营养学文凭
  • Iridologist 虹膜检验师
  • Certificate Of Chinese medicine theory 中医理论证书
  • Certificate of Nutrition in Chinese Medicine 中医营养学证书
  • Participant in Anthroposophic Medicine Germany 人智医学研究生
  • BSE Excellerated Business School for Enterpreneurs Graduate 2012 美国BSE企业家商学院毕业生
  • DBS Doers Business School Graduate 2015 实践家创业商学院毕业生