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Latest products

Far Infrared (FIR) HotHouse Dome

Far Infrared HotHouse Dome If you don't receive enough far infrared ray (FIR) from sunlight, y..

RM 4,400.00 Ex Tax: RM 4,400.00

Far Infrared (FIR) Mattress

Activate your infrared cleansing mechanism while you sleep. Far-infrared light penetrates beyon..

RM 850.00 Ex Tax: RM 850.00

Aroma Diffuser

Aroma Diffuser uses to dispersing essential oil into the atmosphere, so that aroma of the essential ..

RM 220.00 Ex Tax: RM 220.00

Featured Products

Emile Noel Avocado Oil (250ml)

This greenish oil with its full bodied aroma is first cold pressed from specially selected organic a..

RM 95.00 Ex Tax: RM 95.00

Emile Noel Pumpkin Seed Oil (250ml)

This deeply aromatic oil is first cold pressed from specially selected organic pumpkin seeds. Rich i..

RM 105.00 Ex Tax: RM 105.00


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Organic Flax Meal (300g)

RM 38.00 Ex Tax: RM 38.00
Milled from selected quality of organic flaxseeds grown in New Zealand, Why Not? Flax Meal is rich in both soluble and insoluble fibre and excellent to complement your daily dietary fibre's need which... Read more >>

Organic Maple Syrup (Grade D) (375ml)

RM 94.34 Ex Tax: RM 94.34
Why Not? Grade D Maple Syrup is a premium grade of maple syrup harvested from certified organic sugar maple in Canada. Unlike other grades, Why Not? Grade D Maple Syrup is collected at the very end of... Read more >>

Organic Prune Puree (335g)

RM 51.94 Ex Tax: RM 51.94
Premium quality of prune puree made from black, juicy and shiny Agen prunes that grown organically in South West of France. Agen prunes globally recognised for their exceptional quality and taste.... Read more >>

Plus Biodynamic Juice Fasting

RM 329.00 Ex Tax: RM 329.00
Follow the rhythm of your body. it’s the season for juice fasting.Why Not?™ Biodynamic Juice Fasting is specially formulated for urbanites where hectic lifestyle and improper diet are most common. Thi... Read more >>


RM 325.00 Ex Tax: RM 325.00