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Latest products

Far Infrared (FIR) HotHouse Dome

Far Infrared HotHouse Dome If you don't receive enough far infrared ray (FIR) from sunlight, y..

RM 4,400.00 Ex Tax: RM 4,400.00

Far Infrared (FIR) Mattress

Activate your infrared cleansing mechanism while you sleep. Far-infrared light penetrates beyon..

RM 850.00 Ex Tax: RM 850.00

Aroma Diffuser

Aroma Diffuser uses to dispersing essential oil into the atmosphere, so that aroma of the essential ..

RM 220.00 Ex Tax: RM 220.00

Featured Products

Emile Noel Avocado Oil (250ml)

This greenish oil with its full bodied aroma is first cold pressed from specially selected organic a..

RM 95.00 Ex Tax: RM 95.00

Emile Noel Pumpkin Seed Oil (250ml)

This deeply aromatic oil is first cold pressed from specially selected organic pumpkin seeds. Rich i..

RM 105.00 Ex Tax: RM 105.00

Immune System

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PureMed Biomarine Fish Oil Plus

RM 273.48 Ex Tax: RM 273.48
PureMed Biomarine Fish Oil Plus has highest strength of fish oil formulation. It is highly recommended by major health organization. PureMed Biomarine Fish Oil is manufactured with natural, high purit... Read more >>

PureMed EC Soft Gel Sheep Placenta

RM 477.00 Ex Tax: RM 477.00
PureMed EC Soft Gel Sheep Placenta extracts from natural ingredients which rich in anti-aging and antioxidant compound. It uses to maintain beauty, young and skin health through regenerate, rejuvenati... Read more >>

PureMed Symgard

RM 169.00 Ex Tax: RM 169.00
PureMed Symgard is symbiotic, which contains prebiotic and 18 strains of probiotics (friendly bacteria) which boosts gastrointestinal tract immunity and improves general health of an individual. ... Read more >>

PureMed Vital C

RM 189.00 Ex Tax: RM 189.00
PureMed Vital C rich in vitamin C which naturally extracted from 30 types of raw living plant in different colours. PureMed Vital C also riches in antioxidants which uses to maintain general health. E... Read more >>

Swissmed® Dearest Sheep Placenta Complex

RM 378.00 Ex Tax: RM 378.00
Swissmed® Dearest Sheep Placenta Complex is extracted from sheep placenta live stem cell, contains the most active and energetic stem cells. It is well-known to regain youth for individual nowadays.Th... Read more >>

Swissmed® Enzo Plus

RM 480.00 Ex Tax: RM 480.00
Swissmed® Enzo Plus contains remedy which promotes young,healthy and active of an individual. Swissmed® Enzo Plus contains 2 types of highly potent antioxidants, which are Natural Pine Bark and A... Read more >>

Swissmed® Supalife Complex

RM 169.00 Ex Tax: RM 169.00
Swissmed® Supalife Complex is a product which consists of 18 combination strains of friendly bacteria. Each capsule contains 15 billion CFU/g of friendly bacteria, which exerts highly potency of gener... Read more >>